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Terms & Conditions

1. Quotes on rides include all taxes and gratuities. Your quote will change only when there is a change in the
original ride reservation given to Global Riders LLC (i.e. return ride is necessary and was not included in the original quote, change in pick-up or drop-off location, additional time on as directed rides, etc.) or when excessive
waiting time applies (see #2).

2. All reservations may be cancelled with no charge at least 4 hours and (24-hours for international), from the time of the pickup as stated on the transportation confirmation. If the reservations are cancelled less than 4 hours (24-hours for international) in advance of the trip a service fee equal to the total trip cost will be charged to the client. For a reservation requiring a vehicle for over 2 hours, this charge shall be the hourly minimum for the vehicle unless otherwise noted in the confirmation’s trip notes. For a reservation requiring a vehicle for less
than 2 hours, the service fee is equal to the total of the confirmed trip cost. In the event of trips where cancellation policies are different, these policies will be noted on the trip confirmation.

3. All passengers have the authority to make changes to their reservations. If and when passengers make
changes to their reservation, Global Riders LLC might not inform the Client Company of the changes until after the ride is complete. If the passenger makes changes that result in additional charges in addition to the original
quote (see #1), Client Company agrees to pay for those charges.

4. If the passenger cannot locate the driver at the designated meeting area, he/she or a representative from the Client Company must call 855-55-RIDER in order to avoid being charged. In order to avoid a no-show charge, the passenger must not leave the designated meeting area without contacting Global Riders Co.

5. By activating a Global Riders account, the Client Company voluntarily makes and grants this Waiver and Assumption of Risk in favor of Global Riders LLC as partial consideration (in addition to the monies paid to Global Riders) for the opportunity to use our services. The Client Company waives and releases any and all claims of personal injury, bodily injury, property damage, damages, losses and/or death that my arise from the use of Global Riders LLC service. The Client Company certifies that it is competent in assuming these risks of its own will, being under no compulsion or duress. This Waiver and Assumption of Risk is effective from the date of account activation until the account is closed and the remaining balance returned to the Client Company. This Waiver and Assumption of Risk may not be revoked, altered, amended, rescinded or voided without the express prior written consent of Global Riders LLC.

6. All accounts are opened with either Net 15 terms, meaning payment is due 15 days from the date of the invoice, with a prepaid balance, or with payment made by the Client Company’s credit card of choice. The default credit card on file will be charged on the 15th day past due (i.e. 30 days from the date of the invoice).

7. In the event the Client Company’s credit card on file is declined, on the 16th day after the invoice date, a 1.5% penalty will be assessed every 30 days (18% APR) for the total overdue balance.

8. Global Riders LLC reserves the right to change Client Company’s payment terms from Net 15 to prepayment or credit card.

9. The Client Company agrees to pay for all rides requested by employees. This includes, but is not limited to, any additional charges for cancellations, waiting time, or a change in the ride information. If the Client Company wants only select employees to have the ability to make reservations, it must provide Global Riders with a list of these employees. Under no circumstances may reservations be made by persons not employed by the Client Company on the Client Company’s account.

10. The Client Company understands that ride charges will not be refunded by Global Riders more than 15 days after the completion of the ride or after the authorization for the charges has been signed (whichever is sooner).

11. Global Riders LLC reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions when needed. A new copy will be mailed to all Client Companies to the address provided on the registration form (included). The latest copy sent to
the Client Company will supersede all previous versions.

12. Global Riders LLC reserves the right to cancel a client’s account at any time, for any reason.

13. Proof of insurance on vehicles used for any ride is available upon Client Company’s request.

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